Tuesday, 13 November 2012

What am i doing?

hey people i dont now what to write about yeah im not those people who kinda plan what im going to write about on my blog.
 School has been fine but not that good it's kinda boring because you do work but i like some lessons like P.E, Art and yeah pretty much thats it. Yeah tomorrow we've got P.E, how cool is that! Whats your favourite lessons people? I want to know so if you do have one comment please.
lol how have ya'll been? 
Have you ever thought that you just have to learn another language like a asccent like Americans or Australians well thats me.. i would love to speak more languages and accents, it's my dream more or less!

So school has been hard with GCSE's and stuff but i think if you pray about it Jesus will help you though those hard times. Do your friends mock you about stuff but you know they are jokin then just have a laugh with them and if you feel uncomfortable then tell them, i know they would understand.
Thats true thats how you may feel some times.
How cool
Have you ever felt like you are not loved like you are a nobody.... well you don't have to feel like that because you are loved and Jesus says so.
Thanks for reading please tell people about my blog, i know that i want to share my life and what happens in it with you guys because i believe that you guys are the best and amazing. Guess what you are beautiful, pass it on xxxxx
ZANI xoxo

Friday, 2 November 2012

my beautiful friend (a guest post by Zsara Jade)

heyyyyy every one!!! im Zsara Jade!
today im gonna talk about me and my best mate...your author!!

thats me ya'll......
heres your author... but she doesnt look like that anymore she has long hair...lets see if i can find as new pic of her...

but you cant really see her hair there but oh well...its a cool pic
lol well i think so....

she'll properly  say that she isn't but im telling you she is!!!!

so yeah your author is amazing!! and i want to thanks you Zani for letting me do a post on your blog...even if i ramble on.....

heres a few random facts about me.....

1. Im home schooled
2. I love to sing and dance
3.i love going out for a photo shoot with my friends( WILD crew)
4. I love to paint and draw people.....and i know this sounds weird but i love drawing eyes...
5.I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers... so the whole family(including my mum and dad) is 9!!
6. i love God!!!!! im a proud christian!!
so there you have it ome random things about me and my AWESOME mate Zani!!!
one last thing....

thats for all of you lovely peps out there!!! xxx i love ya Zani xxx