Sunday, 30 September 2012

School and Books

School has been ok so far but well boring too ...
i love reading books i read like 4 books or 5 its amazing how you can get lost in your on little world thinking you are the person in the book im writing a book myself and its all about a girl who is not a christian but she meets a person who is christian and the get like really close like best friends and gets that god love her and yeah so give me some ideas about what i can put in my book.

plz help me with my book
 Zaniiiiii xxxxxxxx

Sunday, 23 September 2012

cupcakes mmmmmm yummmmm

i love cupcakes there amazing and kool all my friends eat them and the are like the best in the world haahha lol im going put just kool pics of cakes cupcakes and more

yummmmmm plz say you like chocolate


This week

hiiiii its me uhmmmm how have you all been?
 i've been fine all this week, i went to church today and my friend Jordan came with me shes one of my school friends. Im young wild and free i have 5 best friends and some more from school i love my life, i now God is always in it and i love hime with all my life. I want some help with my book i want all of you to send me a message here to help me write it and give me some good ideas for it i need like crazy stuff happening in this book like people having fun at the beach and people in church, anyway plz help me with it! I'll just put some pics now..

  oh yeah it was my sisters bday yestarday so yeah it was abit crazy but fun

Monday, 10 September 2012

About me

Hey :-) i'm Zani and im going to tell you all about me ...

1. I'm a Jesus freak that means i love Jesus with all my heart and follow him in my life.

2. I love all my friends and hanging out with them and doing fun stuff with them. 

3. I love music, im that kind of girl who hears a song and start's singing it! I dont sing in front of people only my friends and family (i've sang in church once in the youth group service).

4. I love my family

5. I'm that kinda girl who don't wear that much make-up and not that girly, you can call me a tomboy, i love football and all sports really.

6. I LOVE to dance, when i hear a beat, I cant help myself, i have to get up and start dancing, i love making cool dance routines with the WILD CREW!


Friday, 7 September 2012

First post

Hiiiii im Zani and this is my new blog, i hope you like it because there will be crazy stuff on it so hope you love it. Here are some crazy pics i found today!..

I love music so alot of stuff will have music stuff on them

Here is my first post done God bless
 Zani! xxxxxxx