Monday, 10 September 2012

About me

Hey :-) i'm Zani and im going to tell you all about me ...

1. I'm a Jesus freak that means i love Jesus with all my heart and follow him in my life.

2. I love all my friends and hanging out with them and doing fun stuff with them. 

3. I love music, im that kind of girl who hears a song and start's singing it! I dont sing in front of people only my friends and family (i've sang in church once in the youth group service).

4. I love my family

5. I'm that kinda girl who don't wear that much make-up and not that girly, you can call me a tomboy, i love football and all sports really.

6. I LOVE to dance, when i hear a beat, I cant help myself, i have to get up and start dancing, i love making cool dance routines with the WILD CREW!


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