Sunday, 13 January 2013


So hey today i'm writing about me
Don't judge me for who am not and who i never ment to be , i've never got bullied in my life but i know people judge me {Oh look at her she need more friends and her style is out of this world} I know people do that behind my back, i've never really thought of things this new year i've left the Past and i'm leading to the Future you get me.
I'm working hard on school work but still leave life the way i used t, I hanged out with friends last week we went up town (mall) we had fun went tesco but food went up town agine it was late but fun, I love peopel which skate there style are dope hahhah there back packs are cool, my sister want a back pack so bad so i'm gonna try to help her get one

                                     your amazing don't think less
                                          {Zani xxx} 

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