Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Sup people!!
So it's like Christmas and I've just eaten my dinner... I'll show you some pictures at the end of the post.
So like I'm dead full but you know there's cake coming so I have to wait for it but I'm eating it now but it's lovely im just seating here with my family and listening to music but most of all we are worshipping the FATHER (JC) that stands for Jesus Christ.
My mum dad and uncle are dancing lol it's kinda funny but cool at the same time.
So I've been busy all this week because of Christmas and stuff so you know how you go shopping for the present yeah thats me and my sister.
I feel sick now but I'm relaxing I'll start putting the pictures up know. I'll put the pictures on tomorrow because I can't put them on the phone.... lolll. :D
..smile ur beautiful
By zani xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx