Sunday, 30 September 2012

School and Books

School has been ok so far but well boring too ...
i love reading books i read like 4 books or 5 its amazing how you can get lost in your on little world thinking you are the person in the book im writing a book myself and its all about a girl who is not a christian but she meets a person who is christian and the get like really close like best friends and gets that god love her and yeah so give me some ideas about what i can put in my book.

plz help me with my book
 Zaniiiiii xxxxxxxx


  1. ooo, i didnt know you were writing a book! Sounds cool! Book idea: (Two girls, one Christian, one not, the christian girl invites her to church so the non Christian girl gets saved...)Well obviously you'd do it in a lot more detail than that!..but ya know! See you soooon Zannnni!!!

    Saff :-) x