Monday, 21 January 2013

My littel project

so i'm gonna make a littel doll house for my baby sister Joymaya yes a doll house i know it's gonna be hard but i told myself i'm gonna do it i wish i could. I maybe giving it to her on her birthday or something.Yeah i'm gonna try and do it hard work my work :-(. I'm not really gonna make it a tomboy house or to girly i'm gonna try and make it her yeahhhh her. so if you guys have any idea of how to make my doll house email me on and yeah or comment on the blog
yeah any idea you got give me it thanks people peace out
                                                      Zani xx

 p.s so try help me people


  1. Hey,I've made one before, I'll help you if you want,well I can give you some ideas...(but i'll happily give you a hand) I love making things like that,I might make one too, for Sian...whens your sisters birthday?xxx

  2. Well it's next year but I'm happy if U give me a hand and it's good to start before right

  3. oh right cool, yeah well Sian's birthday's in October,we'll have enough time to do 2,well I can do mine by myself if you want? (but i'll happily take help! lol):) x

  4. Yeah sure I could help U too on ur dollhouse x